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And now, in 2017, Martin Hunka's brand new re-telling of Homer's magic epic


The Odyssey is a ridiculously exciting epic about a man journeying home after a long, brutal war.

 Back in Ithaka his wife Penelope and son Telemachus assume he is long dead.

 So do a bunch of wealthy young layabouts who lust after Penelope, mock Telemachus, and dream of taking over Odysseus’ palace and wealth for themselves.Heaven help them if the boss gets back.

 The story takes place in a golden, heroic age where everyone seems noble, godlike and illustrious. Or are they?

Well maybe, but underneath the gloss they are, as often as not, fallible, frail, self-engrossed and engagingly human.



And now , bold and indomitable Odysseus takes to his ship once again.

If he is to make it home at all he must overcome terrifying adversaries en route : magic, supernatural, gigantic, monstrous, irresistible, beautiful, treacherous.      Will he make it?

Join him as Martin tells the mighty story once again at:

The Leatherhead Community Association (LCA), Abraham Dixon Hall, Leatherhead Institute, 67, High Street. Leatherhead. KT22 8AH

Friday 3rd March 2017 7.30

Download a pdf flyer for more information about the telling  - here


After a sell-out first performance at Three Heads in a Well, Ewell,

Martin told HOMER’S ODYSSEY once more at Queen Mary University, London,

Comments on Martin’s Ewell performance of THE ODYSSEY

Absolutely brilliant!” T.C.        Totalling absorbing.” D.H.

Absolutely loved it” J.C.      It was magical, I didn’t want it to end.” J.C.


 His story holding them spellbound down the shadowed halls”      The Odyssey: Homer:Trans Fagles